Whether you are a seasoned runner or an everyday athlete, new to the fitness game or just want the benefits of compression gear for blood flow, make sure you purchase it from a company that is knowledgeable of what true medical compression gear is and how it will benefit your performance and recovery time.  The few extra minutes you take to ask the right questions can make all the difference in the world.

We talked about the Benefits of Medical Grade Graduated Compression here, but you can only reap these benefits if you actually have medical grade compression gear.  While you are out shopping for your compression gear, ask the seller what compression level the socks or sleeves have.  If they do not know, do not buy them.  If a retailer is selling actual medical grade compression gear, they will be knowledgeable of what compression levels are in the brands they are selling, or it will at least be on the package.  If they say only 15-20 mmHg, as many versions have, especially unbranded online versions, then will most likely not have enough compression impact on your circulation.  As a runner or athlete, you already have stronger than normal muscle tissue assisting with pumping venous flow, you will only benefit from medical grade compression of at least 20-30 mmHg.

The OS1st compression socks and sleeves have multiple sections, or zones, that feature a different level of compression. The zones range from light, 10-15 mmHg, to firm, 20-30 mmHg, and each zone has its own specifically designed function. The changing levels of compression zones throughout each device is what prevents injuries, increases your performance, and speeds up your recovery time.

OS1ST - Dyna McCormick

How to Dress for Running

How to Dress for Running


How to dress?

Running is one of the most accessible forms of exercises. Often, all it takes is putting on a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, shoes and then start running right outside the front door. As a result, running has become extremely popular. All kinds of people run. However, it’s far from everyone who dress optimally for running; many tend to dress far too warm, which reduces comfort and inhibit performance. Based on our long collaboration with some of the world’s best endurance athletes, this guide is designed to help you dress to perform optimally and get the most out of your run.


Think 15 minutes ahead.

A common mistake among runners is to dress too warm. Don’t adjust your outfit after how it feels at the start of your run, but rather after how it feels 15 minutes into the workout. Ideally, you should freeze a little in the beginning, even if it’s unpleasant. We promise, you will soon get warm.

But if you still want to be warm at the beginning of the session, then you can layer up with a lightweight garment, which then can be removed if you get too warm. A thin and lightweight running jacket such as the Focus Hood Jacket, can easily be packed away in its own pocket and secured around the waist using the elastic band that comes with the jacket.

Another option is to start your run wearing a hat and gloves and then, when you get warm, tuck them away in a pocket or on the inside of your tights/shorts. A vest, which is a great running item, is also perfect to use for heat regulation. The vest protects the torso but ventilates the arms and armpits. In addition, you can use the zipper to adjust the ventilation.

But remember: Don’t dress too warm. This is perhaps our most important advice regarding how to dress for running.


All function starts from within.

But let’s take it from the beginning. To optimize comfort and performance, you need to wear functional clothes all the way from the inside to the outside. Start by putting on a pair of boxerbriefs/briefs or panties/sports bra made of 100 percent polyester. Polyester doesn’t bind moisture but transports it from the skin and out through the garment, keeping you dry and allowing you to work with the right body temperature. Many people make the mistake of using ordinary cotton underwear. Then it doesn’t matter if you wear functional garments on the outside – the cotton will absorb the moisture and you will quickly become wet and cold.

The rest of your outfit depends on whether it's hot or cold, if it’s raining or if you're running at night in dark conditions. The recommendations below cover most weather conditions for running during the spring, summer and early fall.


Warm Conditions require extra ventilation.

When running in hot conditions, it’s especially important that your outfit provides efficient moisture transport and ventilation in order to ensure that the body does not overheat. In general, the garments should be thin and preferably feature large mesh panels that transport moisture and offer enhanced ventilation. A tank top or tee with a full mesh back, such as the Focus Mesh Tee, is a great choice for running in warm conditions.

At the lower body, wear shorts or short tights. Running shorts come in several lengths and the serious runner usually goes with the shortest style to maximize freedom of movement and ventilation.

When running long distances in strong sunshine, it can be a good idea to protect the shoulders by letting the singlet stay at home and instead wear a tee. In addition, a running hat and sunglasses are good accessories for workouts in bright sunlight.

If possible, avoid wearing compression garments when running in hot conditions. Compression garments are very comfortable to wear when running, but the material in this type of garments is usually too tight to provide enough moisture transport and ventilation in hot conditions.


A cold spring day or cool summer evening.

Long-sleeve running jersey and tights. Short- or long-sleeve baselayer top underneath a tee. Running jersey plus vest. Shorts and boxers with extra long legs for extra warmth around the thighs. Or a thin and wind-resistant running jacket worn over a tee plus tights. For chillier weather, there are many outfits that work well. Find the combination that suits you best.

Whatever combination you choose, make sure that all items are made of functional fabrics to ensures the moisture can be transported all the way form the skin to the outermost garment. And if you wear two layers on your upper body, the inner garment should have a rather tight fit while the outer garment can be a little looser. Then you will get an insulating gap between the garments while you maintain an efficient ventilation.

If you feel uncomfortable running in tights, a great alternative is to wear a pair of shorts on the outside of the tights. In addition to being a popular combination, this outfit also provides great wind protection in critical areas.


Enjoy it.

If you are a serious runner, you run in all weather conditions, including rain. When it rains, you actually have only two choices: to get wet from the inside (sweat) or from the outside (water). Usually, it’s least unpleasant to get wet from the outside; that is, to dress so that the moisture transport and breathability work properly at the expense of some of the garments’ water protection.

If it’s chilly and only light rain, it might be enough to wear a second layer outside the tee, preferably a mid-layer item with windproof front. Even if you eventually get wet, the extra layer will help keep you warm during the run. However, it’s important that the garments are made of materials with efficient moisture transport, otherwise they quickly become heavy and soon begin to sag from the body.

When training in heavy rain, we recommend wearing a rain jacket designed for running, such as Weather Jacket, that offers good weather protection and efficient ventilation. At the lower body it’s usually best to wear a pair of tights, with short or long legs depending on the temperature, or wind- and water-resistant running shorts such as Weather shorts. This type of shorts can also be worn on the outside of the tights in cold and wet conditions, a combination that provides good weather protection in critical areas while you get great ventilation below the knees.

In rainy and warm conditions, we suggest that you wear thin and lightweight garments that bind as little water as possible, preferably a singlet with large mesh panels and short tights or shorts. Then just get out there and enjoy the refreshing rain.


Make sure you are visible.

When you run on roads and in low-light conditions, it’s extra important that you are visible. On chilly spring days, you can easily layer up with a reflective garment such as the Visibility Vest. On warmer days, a great choice is to wear a running tee/top with fluorescent colors and shorts/short tights with reflective print.

By dressing optimally all the way from the inside out you will stay both cool and dry, allowing you to work out harder and perform better.

Have a great run!

Best Running Shoes for Women 2018–2019 - Gear Junkie


March 08, 2018

Best Running Shoes for Women 2018–2019 - Gear Junkie

Read Original Article here

Whether you love road running, trail running, or minimalist sneakers, we’ve found, tested, and reviewed the best running shoes for women.

Finding the right women’s running shoe is a pain. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to narrow them all down. Don’t worry, though – we’ve got you covered.

We spent the past several months researching and testing all manner of running shoes. Testing included intense mountain runs, moderate trail runs, adventurous day hikes, runs along cement and pavement, plenty of treadmill miles, and a few fitness classes. We wore them through rain, snow, mud, and sun on adventures around the world.

We even tossed in some errands around town, because everyone wears their shoes for more than just running.

Below, you’ll find shoes separated into three categories: road running, trail running, and minimalist shoes. Of course, some could fit in more than one category, and this list doesn’t cover every women’s running shoe out there. But these are some of our favorites, and we’ll keep this list updated with new releases.


An all-around workhorse, the Sensation 3 from Chinese brand 361 provides mild stability and is suitable for long runs, sprint work, and leisurely walks. The proprietary midsole construction makes these a solid choice for comfortable all-day wear and means that same comfort level will last throughout the lifetime of the shoe. Weighing in at 8.4 ounces per shoe, they’re neither super light nor heavy. And one of our favorite features is the minimalist tongue. No more upper foot pressure and bulky tongue-induced rubbing.

Katie Zafares Signs With 361 Degrees USA

Katie Zafares Signs With 361 Degrees USA


Syracuse steeplechaser turned Olympic triathlete Katie Zafares recently signed with 361 Degrees USA for a multi-year contract following her 18th place finish in the triathlon at the Rio Olympic Games. While at 'Cuse, Zafares (whose maiden name is Hursey) qualified for NCAAs twice in the steeplechase, with a career-best finish of 14th in the finals in 2011 which made her a second-team All-American. She set PBs of 4:46.58 for the mile, 9:24.81 for 3K, 10:08.44 for the steeplechase (a school record) and 16:10.50 for 5K while at Syracuse.

Read the full press release below:

361 Degrees USA signed Katie Zaferes, one of the world's premier triathletes and 2016 U.S. Olympian, to a multi-year partnership agreement.

Zaferes leads a growing roster of elite athletes who are representing 361 Degrees in the U.S. and around the globe.

"Everyone at 361 Degrees is honored that Katie has decided to chase her athletic dreams with our brand. Her hard work, dedication and success exemplify all of the attributes that are important to 361 Degrees and what we are trying to accomplish in the running market. She is undoubtedly one of the premier Olympic athletes in the U.S. and as a partner, 361 Degrees looks forward to supporting her as she pushes beyond expectations," stated Jim Monahan, president of 361 Degrees USA.

361 Degrees KGM2 2 Review

361 Degrees KGM2 2 Review

The Good

Austin: The upper section of the KgM2 2’s outsole is comprised of fidget spinners. Actually, the fidget spinner shape. After holding the shoe in my hands for a few moments and observing the outsole pattern, I knew this would be destined for workouts and races. At 8.1 ounces (in a men’s size 9) and a 9.5 millimeter drop, the KgM2 2 is a strong contender for faster runs. 361 employs QU!KFOAM and CMEVA in the midsole for protection and responsiveness.

On to the particulars. Regarding sizing, the 361º KgM2 is true to size. I used 12 as the baseline and didn’t see any need to size up or down after multiple runs. Midfoot and forefoot volume are medium. My feet felt secure in the midfoot and toe splay was adequate. The drastic weight reduction, when using the Sensation 2 as a model for comparison, is abundantly evident in the absence of numerous overlays. The seamless mesh used in the upper feels nice, too.


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361 Degree KGM Featured in Runner's World

361 Degree KGM Featured in Runner's World


Light, flexible, and flashy, the KgM2 is a go-fast shoe with good heel cushioning and a touch of stability from its dual-density, contoured midsole. Male testers liked the fit and comfort of the long toebox and soft, breathable mesh upper, while female testers found the shoe ran a size small. Most said the shoes didn’t provide enough support for longer runs, but the low-to-ground stance and grippy outsole made these versatile. “The shoe felt equally at home running and weight lifting,” said Nathan De Winkle of Lansing, Michigan.



Source: http://www.runnersworld.com/shoe/361-degrees-kgm-2-mens


Metro & Rural Marketing Adds New Line: OS1st

Metro & Rural Marketing Adds New Line: OS1st

Metro and Rural Marketing adds new line: OS1st, the sports compression line with the #1 selling planter fasciitis sleeve.


Why perform under pressure?

The benefits of compression are understood and have been around for many years:

  • It helps relieve pain from muscle stiffness and soreness.
  • It reduces the time taken for muscles to repair themselves and crucially: when the right amount of compression is used (and this will vary depending on body area, typically in the range of 10 to 25 mmHg), improved venous return and oxygenation to working muscles will occur.

But does your current brand really understand the science behind the theory, or is it just a fashion statement? Does your current brand actually state what level of compression is delivered and where?

Ours does.

OS1st™ delivers between 10 - 30 mmHg across targeted zones.
Think about it - it’s YOUR health, YOUR Performance and YOUR recovery that is the most important thing to YOU.

That’s why you need to consider OS1st™ with patent pending Compression Zone Technology™.
This technology was developed using a medical approach and is currently used by Doctors, Podiatrists and Physiotherapists all over the world.

OS1st™ delivers targeted compression to your feet, calf, knee, and elbow to enable you to benefit from expert design and manufacture. Look after your HEALTH, improve your PERFORMANCE and enjoy quicker RECOVERY with OS1st™ Compression Zone Technology™


CW-X Names Jorge Lopes Rep of the Year

CW-X Names Jorge Lopes Rep of the Year

Left to right: John Wilson, President & COO CW-X, Jorge "The Machine" Lopes, Al St. Jean Director, East CW-X

Left to right: John Wilson, President & COO CW-X, Jorge "The Machine" Lopes, Al St. Jean Director, East CW-X

At the 2016 Running Event in Orlando, Florida. Jorge is honored to win this award for the second year in a row with the help of his excellent retailers.

At the 2016 Running Event in Orlando, Florida. Jorge is honored to win this award for the second year in a row with the help of his excellent retailers.

In the 1992 David Mamet play, Glengarry Glen Ross, the character portrayed by Jack Lemmon was called “The Machine” because during his prime he was always closing.

WSSC has its own machine in the form of Jorge Lopes of Metro and Rural Marketing LLC who repeated his December 2015 performance as Rep of the Year again in 2016. During a jovial ceremony in Orlando during The Running Event, not far from the House of the Mouse, Jorge, John Wilson and Albert St. Jean say cheese.

“Jorge covers sales in the mid-Atlantic states for CW-X, and his territory has a rare balance of specialty running, outdoor and key accounts. He is also a top level masters road racer,” says WSSC’s Al St. Jean.

361° Biospeed Performance Review

361° Biospeed Performance Review

Let’s start off honest here: Crossfit is way new to me. So when 361° asked if we wanted to review the BioSpeed trainer, it was a little scary. Not that reviewing a shoe is foreign or frightening, just the passion of Crossfitters is HIGH, and any little slip up while reviewing will be, well, amplified.

Now that the review is done, no need to fear; the BioSpeed is a shoe for just about any activity and environment but really excels in the weight room. Enough big words, let’s look at some pictures and talk about it…

TRACTION – The outsole is hard and thick (stop it) which would, at first, seem to offer slippery traction. However, the multiple flex grooves break up the rubber areas and allow the foot to bend and dig into steps and movements. There are also traction grooves cut across parts of the lugs for a little extra grab.

While using these for short runs (around two to three miles) the pattern has shown extremely little wear after two months. In the gym, the bottoms stayed glued on power movements like cleans and squats and never slipped off the foot plate on leg presses. They also release well on lunges, box jumps, and other active movements. The next jump or bounce was always ready. Very nice.


Official 361 Degrees x Rio 2016 Games Uniforms.

Guess who just shipped the official Uniforms for the Rio 2016 Games? 361 Degrees!!!! The 361° uniforms have arrived at their new home for the upcoming Rio 2016 games, which will be worn by volunteers, medical staff, referees, and operational staff ! All four combinations include coats, shorts, caps, t-shirts, backpacks and shoes. 361 Degrees is an official Olympic Games supporter Rio 2016



361 Degrees USA is pleased to announce its partnership with the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM). The preeminent leader in all areas of lower extremity sports medicine, the AAPSM serves to advance the understanding, prevention and management of lower extremity sports and fitness injuries. It achieves its mission through professional education, scientific research, public awareness and membership support.

"On the behalf of the AAPSM, it gives me great pleasure to announce that 361 Degrees USA is now a corporate sponsor of the AAPSM. Knowing that 361 Degrees USA is a subsidiary of a larger organization that is already on the international stage will enable the AAPSM to also reach more sports medicine professionals throughout the world. We look forward to a long-term partnership," says current AAPSM President Alex Kor, DPM.

As a corporate sponsor, 361 Degrees will receive direct contact with AAPSM members, which include more than 500 doctors who have dedicated a significant portion of their practice to the treatment of active patients. In addition, AAPSM’s members will be able to provide testimonials on 361 Degrees product.

“We are looking forward to growing a partnership with AAPSM,” says Jim Monahan, president of 361 Degrees USA. “Organizations like AAPSM allow us to reach a very targeted group of professionals within the sports community.”

361 Degrees--Official Supporter of Rio 2016

361 Degrees--Official Supporter of Rio 2016

361 Degrees is pleased to announce its partnership with the Rio Olympic Committee as an Official Supporter of the 2016 Rio Games. 

361 Degrees will be the official Apparel and Footwear outfitter for Torchbearers, Medical Crew, Technical Crew, Referees, Operations Crew and Volunteers numbering over 100,000.

This partnership will allow 361 Degrees to identify as a strong and leading brand with global reach. Anyone visiting the 2016 Games will definitely be exposed to the 361 Degrees’ brand as very prominent logo placement on all apparel will make 361 Degrees visible to a very large audience including elite athletes on the world’s stage.

Watch ESPN June 30th - July 2nd!

Watch ESPN June 30th - July 2nd!

The Wacoal Sports Science Corp. (CW-

X.com), have announced an agreement to become an official sponsor of the BattleFrog

Obstacle Race Series College Championship. The championships will air June 30 through

All competitors in the series will wear CW-X PerformX Shorts, which provide

targeted support to the hip flexors, quadriceps, and IT bands for improved performance

during the race, and faster recovery afterward. The CW-X logo will be featured on an

obstacle in the race, and on on-course signage.

“The intense performance demands of obstacle racing are a natural fit for CW-X,”

said John L.A. Wilson, president and COO of The Wacoal Sports Science Corp. “We’re

proud to help the competitors improve their performance as they run the course, and

Weartesters- First Look at the 361-Mazer

361° has been making HUGE strides in running lately (see?) so it only followed that their basketball line would try and keep up. Introducing the Mazer, the brand’s first shoe in the new line utilizing the same Qu!kFoam midsole foam as the Strata and Spire runners, the Mazer stiffens up for stability but still has bounce and response. The midsole also has a slight rocker effect, giving the shoe a “rolling” feeling as the transition goes from heel to forefoot. It takes what the designers know from running and applies it to basketball. The upper is similar to the Nike Hyperlive (review coming SOON), very Hyperfuse-ish, but is soft and flexible in all the right spots with just enough glue overlay to stiffen the high wear areas.

Probably the best part, besides the cushioning, is the tongue; it has some serious fat padding with a notched middle for ankle mobility. Traction is a flat pattern which could cause some problems on dust floors — not a lot of variation to bite the floor — but the rubber is soft so it may surprise.


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