Let’s start off honest here: Crossfit is way new to me. So when 361° asked if we wanted to review the BioSpeed trainer, it was a little scary. Not that reviewing a shoe is foreign or frightening, just the passion of Crossfitters is HIGH, and any little slip up while reviewing will be, well, amplified.

Now that the review is done, no need to fear; the BioSpeed is a shoe for just about any activity and environment but really excels in the weight room. Enough big words, let’s look at some pictures and talk about it…

TRACTION – The outsole is hard and thick (stop it) which would, at first, seem to offer slippery traction. However, the multiple flex grooves break up the rubber areas and allow the foot to bend and dig into steps and movements. There are also traction grooves cut across parts of the lugs for a little extra grab.

While using these for short runs (around two to three miles) the pattern has shown extremely little wear after two months. In the gym, the bottoms stayed glued on power movements like cleans and squats and never slipped off the foot plate on leg presses. They also release well on lunges, box jumps, and other active movements. The next jump or bounce was always ready. Very nice.